Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yea, a contact from the Roberts Family

I know I sound like a broken record, but the internet has again amazed me.  I noticed yesterday that someone was saving a ton of my older Riley pictures and information.  I contacted the Ancestry member to find the connection and received this response:

Hi Lynne, I'm from the Roberts Side. Jane Roberts 1833-1863 is my GGG Aunt being the brother of Edward 1831-1889 who is my GG Grandfather. Until a few weeks ago I didn't have any siblings for him until I found your tree with Thomas and Mary being Janes's parents. The 1841 England census places my Edward with the siblings listed in your tree. He is not listed on the 1951 Census with the family so had possibly left home. Thomas was definitely Edwards father as this is listed on his death certificate but mother unknown. I am sure I am correct in claiming the rest of the Roberts family and further relations. This would make us very distant cousins of some sort. My wife and I live in the small town of Stanthorpe just three hours from Ipswich Queensland Australia where Edward and his three sons arrived in about 1865.
Regards Murray

We now have the first contact with Ezra's wife's (Jane Roberts) family.  I told him that the name Roberts still is important in our family with three living Thomas Roberts Rileys.  I also told him that I have this picture that was labeled "Uncle Edward and Aunt Miriam".  I am hoping he can confirm that it is "his" Edward Roberts.

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