Saturday, April 30, 2011

Off Topic but a great story

If you recall, I mentioned that Mark found an audio clip with a recording from his family's hometown in Gooderstone, Norfolk.

I forwarded the link to several 2nd cousins that Max has made contact with as I thought they would enjoy listening to it as well.  Yesterday, I received the following reply:

I listened to the recording and you are not going to believe this, but my Dad introduced the man who made that recording to Jeffrey Shingfield for that interview. My Dad knew him!!  My Mum and Dad also invited him to stay at our Pub (The Swan), Gooderstone whilst he recorded it! We lived in the Swan for 16 years and I was 6 when that was recorded, we moved in, in 1956. Mum tells me that the man who made that interview came from Philadelphia and that he was going round the country recording different accents.Isn't that weird!!! Jefferey Shingfield was a farm worker and in 1938 approx.he mainly milked cows on a farm in Oxborough.He started his married life in an old railway carraige in Clark's Lane, Gooderstone, near the Church! Mum can remember him living in a bungalow in Gooderstone in 1953 because she bought a mangle (to wring water out of washing!!) off of his wife. It was a real Norfolk accent and yes Mark's ancestors would have spoken like that, probably with a more broader accent. Some really old Norfolk people are very hard to understand. How on earth did Mark come accross that clip? And do you think it's weird that my Dad knew Jeffrey Shingfield!! I do.

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