Monday, April 25, 2011

Selma's Baptismal Sponsors

If you remember, I wondered who Selma's baptismal sponsors were.  

I have worked on who Etta Long was.  As it turns out, Etta was the youngest child of Charles and Louise Long.  She was born in 1879.  She married Fred Heissinger on Christmas Day in 1900.  
She and Fred lived in Rochester, IL (in the same county as Springfield) and had five children.  At the time of Selma's baptism, Etta would have been 19 years old.

Nancy Riley sent me this email:

Uncle Dave says that Eleanora Fladt was a church member contemporary to Grandma Selma's parents.  Eleanora Fladt married Adam Koerner.  Eleanora Fladt went by Nora.  When Uncle Dave came down to OSU in 1949 he was invited to their house for lunch.  Hope that helps.   Aunt Nan

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