Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Special: Lutheran Confirmation

As young people are getting ready for their confirmations this spring, I wanted to share this story from David Glawe.  I told my Dad about this story and I know he's shared it with friends.  What a different time..

Otto’s story and the changing of attitudes.  For Lutheran’s Confirmation has always been a time of celebration.  It has also been a time of transition.  In one way it is seen as the time when the child takes responsibility for their own baptismal vows.  It is a time of becoming an adult.  Supposedly,  When Otto was confirmed his parents’ confirmation gift was a carton of cigarettes.  They the told him that he had to buy his own from then on. 
Confirmation in our part of the family was a time of transition.  It was the time when you graduated from the children's table to the adult table at family celebrations such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. It was also the time when you could have one drink before dinner and a glass of wine with dinner. 
Thank you David for putting a smile on many a face...

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