Monday, April 4, 2011

Kailin Paul Riley: Happy Birthday

Today is the 11th Birthday of Kailin Paul Riley.  He is the 2nd of 7 sons (yes, 7 boys!) of Paul and Keomany Riley.  He is the grandson of David and Nancy Riley.  Paul carried on the tradition of Rileys having all boys.  Sid and Selma had six sons and no daughters.  Ron and Bonnie Riley had four sons, no daughters.

When I was double checking his birthday in the family tree on, a "leaf" (just like the TV ad) popped up for him.  It led me to a record of KALVIN PAUL RILEY who was born in England on the same day.  The funny thing is the Kalvin was born in Wolverhampton, the birthplace of KAILIN's great grandfather, Sid.

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