Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thomas Roberts

After maybe finding the connection to Jane Roberts brother, Edward, I decided to pick up the Roberts trail again.  I am certain that her father was Thomas Roberts as he is listed on her marriage license.  His profession was listed on her marriage license as a Cooper.

In the 1841 Census, he is listed as a Porter (someone who transports goods by foot).  The registration district was Market Street, New Street in Manchester.  When he died in 1865, he died in the same district.  He is listed on this census as not have been born in the same county as he was now living.

In the 1851 Census, he is listed as a Cooper, living in 9 New Street.

On the Marriage License of Jane and Ezra, he is listed as a Cooper, living at 22 New Street

In the 1861 Census, he changed professions and was listed as a Shopkeeper at 97 Abbotts Street.

He died in 1865 at age 61.  I'll order his death certificate so we can find out more information.
This isn't Thomas Roberts, just a 19th century cooper)

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