Saturday, April 2, 2011

Forgotten Resources...

David Reinhardt and I exchanged emails the week about the wedding of Ernst and Emma.  He mentioned that he had a book that was put together in 1998 for the reunion.  In the book was a copy of their wedding invitation.  I mentioned it to Ray and he had never heard of it.

Does anyone have this forgotten treasure and would be willing to loan it to me?  It sounds like it would be a great resource to share.

What other forgotten resources might be out there?  Any diaries?  Copies of any wills?  Recipe files?  Military records (WWII records are particularly important since the official ones burned in a fire)? Real Estate records? Birth certificates? Store receipts or spending ledgers? Baptismal and Confirmation certificates?  All of these might have some interesting information that can add to our understanding of the life and times of our family.

I imagine lots of this kind of information is shared at the Annual (?) Brueggeman reunion.  Here is a newspaper article about the 1953 Reunion, the 30th Annual:

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