Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On a " Long" Roll

I spent a long time today working on Etta Long's entry on Ancestry.com.  She died in 1948, having spent her married life in Rochester, IL.   

 I am kind of confused by the 1910 Census.  She was listed as being born in Germany and came to the US in 1880, at age 1.  Her husband is listed on this census as having his own farm.  The same information is on the 1920 Census and it also lists her naturalization year as 1889.   The 1900 Census lists her as having been born in Illinois as does the 1930 census. I cannot check the 1890 Census because it was destroyed in a fire.  She is NOT listed with the Long family in 1880 which isn't what you'd expect since she was born in 1879.  I find no baptismal record for her either.

So I am kind of confused....she likely is not the biological child of Charles and Louise Long given she was not baptized at Trinity Lutheran as with all the other children.  Were they trying to hide in the early census that she was not born in the US?  In the censuses after she was married, lists her being born in Germany except in 1930.  Very strange....

I'm not really sure where to go with this. Ann Hilliard (has worked on the Long Family Tree) has her listed by name but no other information.  It is hard to know who brought her to the US, was her name different.  I am thinking the best bet is to try to find a living Heissinger family member to see if they know the story.  I made good progress today filling in the info on her children and grandchildren.  I'll see if I can find one of them and let you know if I find anything out.

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