Saturday, April 23, 2011

Following up on Church Records in Springfield

Trinity Lutheran Church has a great user-friendly database on Baptisms.  When researching Emma's birth, I did a search under "sponsors" using the last name "Lange".  I found the Charles Henry Long (aka Karl Heinrich Lange) was a sponsor to many children.

It appears that he may have had a SISTER in Springfield:

Karl Heinrich Schuette was born to Bernhard and Henriette (Lange)
08/10/1862Schuette, Karl Heinrich 1862 BernhardHenrietteLange Theo. HuschmannKarl Lange and Heinrich LangeBernhard was a bricklayer.Trinity Lutheran Church Baptisms 1838 to 1879 
Charles was a sponsor along with Heinrich Lange, possibly a brother.

Carl Ludwig Schuette was born to the same couple.
186402/14/1864Schuette, Carl Ludwig12/07/18631863 LeonhardHenrietteLange William BartlingCarl Lange and Louise Lange
Charles and his wife Louise were the sponsors.  It's interesting one son was Karl and the second son was Carl. 

I searched for Heinrich Lange as a father and he isn't listed.  That may mean a couple of things, he didn't have children, or he wasn't a member of this church, or he didn't live in Springfield.

Henriette and Bernard went on to have other children but don't see their baptismal records.  In the 1895 city directory, she is listed as the Widow of Bernard living at 323 W Cook along with Miss Annie Schuette (teacher) and Miss Elizabeth Schuette (Carpet weaver).  Her son, Henry C.  (I assume this is Karl Heinrich) Schuette was a driver for John Bessmer Co but lived at 106 W. Cook. 

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