Saturday, April 9, 2011

Housekeeping and Navigating the Blog

Some of you may not be familiar with blogs and blogging and I want to cover a few things for new readers.

1.  Can Subscribe to the Feed
On the right column of the blog, you will see this:

Subscribe via email

Enter your email address:

Enter your email address and hit subscribe.  You will then get a confirmation email that you need to respond to.  You will then get a single email every day I make a blog posting.  You will receive it during the night.  For example, you will wake up Tuesday to Monday's blog post in your In-Box.

2.  Making Pictures Bigger
For most pictures, if you click on the picture, it will open it up bigger than it is on the blog post.  Sometimes, if you click on it again, it will make it even bigger.  It all depends on how big my original is.

3.  Saving Pictures to Your Computer
If you want to save a picture or document that you want to keep, right click on the picture, then click "Save Image As".  Be sure to remember when it saves on your computer.  You can also change the name of the picture when you save it.

4.  Looking at Older Posts
If you are at blog (vs the feed email), you can scroll all the way down to the end of the page and there is a link that says "OLDER POSTS".  It will take you to the next page of posts.  You can also look on the right hand column that says "BLOG ARCHIVE".  You can see the list of the current month's posts.  Click on older month to see the list of previous posts there.

5.  Labels
At the bottom of every post, there is a label link.  If you click on a particular name, it will pull up any blog posts that have the same name.  For example, it says Sid Riley, if you click on Sid Riley it will then open all posts with the same label.  I try to be careful about using the same labels but I am sure I have made a mistake or two.

6.  Sharing a Particular Post
Again, if you are reading the blog (vs the feed email), this is at the bottom of every post

If you click on the "M", you will be able to email this posting to someone.
I don't think anyone would want to Twitter or Facebook any of these posts but that option is available too.

7.  Just Who are the People in the Header.
I realized that some of you won't know who the people that are pictured in the blog header.
Starting in the top right corner and going clockwise:
Clamor Brueggemann
Emma Long Brueggeman
Sidney Thomas Arthur Riley
Thomas Roberts Riley
Charles Long and Louise Nagel Long
Ernst August Brueggeman
Elizabeth Ann Maybury Riley
Selma  Brueggeman
Ezra Riley

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  1. I'm Louise Brueggemann, one of Eugene Brueggemann's daughters. For the last couple of years I've been compiling genealogical data in a family tree using MacFamily Tree. Last summer I used a lot of the information that David Reinhardt gave my father. Right now I'm focusing on my grandmother's (Ruth Stokes) side of the family, and stumbled onto this site last year. I love it - you've got a ton of information and are inspiring me to create something similar . . . some day . . . maybe when I retire - but have been unable to pin down exactly who YOU are and where you fit in the family. Max and Lynne - is that Sherrie Lynne Riley, born in 1959, daughter of Thomas Riley? Would you consider getting in touch with me by email? Mine is Perhaps I'll see you at a future Brueggemann reunion - last one I went to was the 75th. Thanks!