Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Selma ELEANORA Brueggemann

There has been some recent debate over Selma's middle name.  My family thought it was Eleanor as she discussed it many times with my mother, Nori (Elinore).    This week, Uncles Tom and Dave went to Hillards to visit St. James Church.  Dave reports that she was born in the parish house across the street from the church.

They found her baptismal record and found her name was Selma Eleanora.  She was baptized by her father three days after her birth.  Two of her sponsors were named Eleanora.  Their relationship to the family is lost to history.  The third sponsor was Etta Long.  I haven't pieced together exactly who Etta Long is.  I assume that she is related to Selma's mother, Emma Long.  Does anyone know if Etta was sometime short for Elizabeth?  Emma had a sister, Elizabeth, that I really don't know anything about.

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