Sunday, April 24, 2011

Selma's Diary Easter Sunday 1918

From Selma's diary:

It is an ideal Easter Sunday.  A day which I would have loved to come out with an entire outfit of new clothes, but nothing doing.

As I was getting ready I realized that just six years ago today on a Palm Sunday, March 31, 1912. I was then indeed a very happy girl getting ready for one of the great periods which has already occurred during my life and that is the day of my confirmation.  My thoughts continued along that day.  Linda and I were both in the same class and marched up the aisles together which Papa thought was splendid that we were able to do that because we were usually always found together. To Rev. Burhenn's surprise I was not at all nervous that day, but on the contrary very calm and cool, tried to speak my words in a clear distinct tone, and it seemed to me as if the Lord was with me.  Our song was "Jesus be our Guide", and ever since has been one of my favored songs, and have always been chanting the words silently and hope Jesus shall always be with me.  Linda and I were the only ones that did not miss a question.  We were put through a very rigid examination and to this day I remember almost every question which I was asked.

Although I was very young, only 12 years old, I think I fully realized the seriousness in which the day meant to me, and from then I was considered a member of the Lutheran Church, which I hope I shall, if it is the Lord's will always remain a true member of that church, and that he shall give me the strength to withstand all the world's wicked pleasures and always be safe in his fold.

"The gate is straight, so the way called is narrow,
Where they who enter tread on thorns and sorrow,
And oft 'twill seem so lonely and forsaken,
That men may ask, Why have we undertaken
To walk this way?
Remember, then, amid your doubts and strife,
The Saviour's words, It leadeth into life.

Just before going down stairs to breakfast, I glanced at the picture which was the class, my confirmation class,  It seemed almost impossible to me that at I was the smallest in the class, and now I believe I would tower above all the girl's shoulders.
Selma in her Confirmation dress
Zanesville 1912

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