Saturday, October 8, 2011

What I've been working on instead of reseaching for the Blog

As some of you know, Ray, Judy and I worked together for many, many years in our retail clothing store chain, The Crate.  We closed our business (on our terms) in the fall of 2008.  I guess "once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur".  For most of this year, Judy and I have been developing a new business.  We started with a small idea and it has grown to what we hope will be a great business one day.  We are behind schedule from where we wanted to be at this time but I can finally share our website address so you can check it out. DIYGREEK.COM

This is from the about us section of our site:

When Megan joined a sorority at the University of South Carolina, she needed to make a paddle for her new big sister.  She bought paddle and a few letters at a local Greek Store and spent a bunch of money.  Like most freshman, she had no car and really had no idea how she was going to decorate it.  Fortunately, she had a ride home one weekend and used supplies her mother had on hand. 
While she was home, an idea was formed with Meg, her mother and aunt.  What if we could develop a kit that would give a girl all the supplies she would need to make quality hand made/heartfelt gifts for her big or little sister?  It could SAVE MONEY and SAVE TIME.  Mom and Aunt worked out the idea and consulted Megan every step of the way.
DIY Greek was created to give you an EASY way to make UNIQUE gifts that are CUTE and will certainly be treasured by your sisters.  Just imagine, you can make 12 projects for only $64.99 and still have the stencils for future projects.  Think about how much this would cost if you could even find all the items at a local craft store.

Our Logo was designed by Katie Marshall Buzzacco.  She is my cousin, Liz Riley Marshall's daughter.
We are finally ready to sell product!  We are also looking for college students to become Sales Reps in Universities.  If you know of some one who might be interested, check out the link at the website or they can email us at

Thanks for letting me share this and I hope you understand why there hasn't been a lot of new research lately.

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