Saturday, October 1, 2011

On a Charles Long roll

I found a new source today but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to copy the actual record to show you.  I can give you a link to the resource so you can look at it yourself.

These are the records of the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield.  We already knew that he died on February 2, 1902 of Heart Disease.  We now know that his undertaker was V. Hemberger.
Here is the link to his record.  I thought these links would take you to the page, his is on page 128.

What we didn't know was what his wife died of.  She died in Wisconsin but was buried at this Cemetery in Springfield.  Louise was listed in the record here as Lorna Long. I know it is her as the date of death (9-22-1923) and age (82 years, 10 months) match exactly.  She died of Gastroenteritis and was buried by Ellinger and Kunz. Here is the link to her record. Again, she is on page 118.

Here is the record for their stillborn child (April 6, 1869). It doesn't list if it was a male or female child. You can view the original on Page 56.

Here is the record for their first daughter who died at 10 months old.  The record states that she died of "Inflamed Brain".  Again these dates match up to what I have already recorded.  She is on page 32 of the same link as the stillborn child. 

I wish I could save these records but at least you all can see them by using the links
Charles and Louise Long

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