Thursday, October 6, 2011

Today is the Anniversary of the Birth of Norman O. Riley

Sid and Selma's eldest son, Norman, would have been 86 today.  You may remember that he passed away in February of this year.

My Uncle David sent along this memory to share:
Norm went to the Summit County Fair, threw a baseball attempting to knock over the milk bottles.  Instead he hit the side of the shelf on which the milk bottles stood.  The proprietor, being a sporting man, challenged Norm(hit the side of the shelf two more times and I'll give you the prize).  Norman, in the best spirit of his penny pitching days heaved a second ball hitting the side of the shelf.  On his third try he hit the shelf again and claimed his prize.  I, David, was astounded thrilled and filled with admiration for my older brother Norman.

Thanks David for sharing this with us.

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