Thursday, October 13, 2011

Missed two days...

I cannot believe I missed two days in a row!  I am in SC with Max for his fall break.  I guess he's a bad influence.    I spent some time catching him up on my new family contacts and he shared that he has helped his roommate setting up his own family tree.  It is interesting to learn about other people's family.  Kenny (roommate) knew VERY LITTLE about his family past his own father (long story) and he and Max were able to fill in a lot of information and Kenny is interested in finding out more.

Until Max goes back to school, my posts won't be too involved.  

Here is another picture provided by Ann Jackson Hilliard:
This is a picture of Fred Long's wife, Clara B Keller, and their youngest daughter, Charlotte (born 1914) and Louise Nagel Long.

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