Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Anniversary of Sid and Selma

It is funny how things work out!  Ancestry.com just released a ton of new resources TODAY in celebration of their 15th Anniversary.  In particular interest to me were the Marriage and Birth Records from Summit County Ohio.  I usually have a calendar in front of me when doing my blog postings but I haven't looked at it in several days.  I'll get to how these are connected in a second.

The Summit County marriage records are the applications for a marriage license.  They have posted records between 1840 and 1980. These records are really great because they include the occupations of both the bride and groom, parents' names, mothers' maiden names, signatures, addresses, where the marriage took place.  Just great information!

Now to connect the dots..I found Sid Riley and Selma Brueggeman's License and TODAY is their anniversary!  They were married in 1924. 
Don't forget to click on it to enlarge it.

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