Friday, October 28, 2011

Betty H Carter Women Veteran Historical Project

I found an interesting resource today, Betty H. Carter Women Veteran Historical Project hosted by the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.
As they describe it:
The Betty H. Carter Women Veterans Historical Project documents the female experience in the U.S. Armed Forces through letters, papers, photographs, published materials, uniforms, artifacts, and oral histories. It contains more than 500 individual collections which includes 300 oral histories. Housed and maintained in the University Archives in Jackson Library, the materials are a research collection for scholars of military history as well as women's studies.
If you had a family member who served, and even if you didn't, it is fascinating to browse around the extensive collection.
 Green and white pinstriped summer uniform dress and jacket for Women Marines, designed by Mainbocher and introduced in 1952. The uniform is made of Dacron and nylon material with green piping around collar lapels, shoulder straps, and on sleeves of the jacket. The short-sleeved dress includes rank insignia on the sleeves indicating the the wearer, Mary Sabourin, was a gunnery sergeant at the time. Marine Corps insignia are pinned to both lapels on the jacket and dress. The uniform was worn with white, wrist-length gloves and a garrison cap.

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