Saturday, October 15, 2011

Great Resource for Akronites -Wingfoot Clan

I never ceased to be amazed at the resources available on the web.  Today I found a site called Summit Memory.  They have SEARCHABLE copies of the Wingfoot Clan, a weekly newspaper put out by Goodyear for their employees (first published in 1912).  This site has complete copies available for editions published 1939-1946 (plus issues of the Aircraft Edition.  It is fun to look through them, tons of news and facts.  It is a great resource for genealogy.  I searched for my grandfather, Sid Riley, and found that he received his 10 Year Service Pin in October of 1943 (Wingfoot Clan 11/3/1943).  Now I know that he started at Goodyear in 1933.
There was a mention when he went to visit Norm in the hospital in New York (2/7/1945)

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