Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today is the 114th Birthday of Sidney Thomas Arthur Riley

Here is a picture of his birthpace
My grandfather, Sid Riley, was born on this day in Wolverhampton, England on this day in 1897.  His brothers and sister were born in the US but Sid and his younger brother, Norman, were born in England.  Wolverhampton is near Birmingham.  

I haven't found any family member with the name Sidney so I don't know where his parents got it from.  Thomas was his father and oldest brother's name.  He is the only sibling with four names.  I remember being fascinated with that when I was little and the fact that his initials spelled STAR.  I guess Mark and I have sort of continued that tradition as both of our sons have four names.  Both have Riley as a second middle name.

Sid didn't like the fact that my parents called me by my middle name instead of using my first name of Catherine.  He called me "Katie Darling" when I was small.
Sid and "Katie Darling"
As a side note, look what you can do in Photoshop using the spot healing tool.  It took no skill at all to repair this picture:
Not bad for a five minute repair job.

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