Sunday, October 23, 2011

Did you watch Ken Burns' "Prohibition"?

I had recorded the three part PBS special on Prohibition.  Mark and I watched it this week end.  Did you notice the Rev. Martin Marty was in part 3?  To remind you:  Marty married Elsa Schumacher (daughter of Elsie Emilie Huesemann, grand daughter of Anna Louise Brueggemann).

He spoke about Carrie Nation.  You can watch the video here:

If you didn't watch it, look for reruns or on-demand.  You can also watch it in bits and pieces by following the link above.  It was a fascinating story about an interesting time in history.  It is still amazing to me that it happened and lasted 13 years.  I wonder how our beer drinking German ancestors handled it?
Carrie Nation
Eliza Thompson led women in 1873 to sing hymns against alcohol in Visitation Bands to protest saloons and petition drug stores who filled prescriptions

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