Monday, October 10, 2011

More Long: The Long Children

Charles Long and his wife, Louise had six biological children and one adopted daughter.

Lisette Wilhelmine was born 13 Nov 1865. She was the one who was listed as having died of Inflamed Brain on 17 Sep 1866.

Emma Louise Frieda Lisette was born 21 Apr 1867.  She would be my Great Grandmother.  She married E.A. Brueggeman.  She died 14 Apr 1932 at age 64.

Infant who was still born 6 Apr 1869.  Sex unknown.

Anna Friedrike  was born on 12 Dec 1870.  She married Rev. Carl Griese.  I learned today that they had no biological children but adopted a daughter.  She died 01 Mar 1943 at age 72.  They lived in Wisconsin.

Elizabeth Katharina was born 16 Jan 1873.  She married George Miller.  She died 11 Jun 1943 at age 70. She stayed in the Springfield area throughout her life and is buried in the family plot.

Friedrich Heinrich "Fred" was born 10 June 1875.  He had two wives and  five daughters by the first and we don't know about the second.  He was in Springfield, then to Chicago, and then to California.  He died 28 Apr 1944 at age 68.

Charles Henry "Charley" was born 2 Jul 1878.  He also had two wives and a daughter with each.  He moved to Des Moines Iowa and died there 4 Oct 1954 at age 76.

Etta Herra was the child who "was taken in".  We don't know when that happened.  She was born 14 Jul 1879.  She stayed in Sprinfield and died 29 Jan 1948 (age 68).

Ann Jackson Hilliard (grand daughter of Fred) sent me this wonderful picture today.  It is the only picture I have seen with more than one of the siblings in it.  This was taken in 1918 at Carl Griese's church in Anitgo WI. 
Left to Right:  Elizabeth, Charley, Anna, and Fred with their mother Louise in front.  I have never seen a picture of Elizabeth. Don't forget, you should be able to click on the picture to make it bigger.

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