Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rev. E.A. Brueggemann's Church in Hilliard Ohio

Rev. Ernst August Brueggemann was installed in February 1894 at St. James Lutheran Church.  He left in 1905 for a call in Zanesville.  Gus, Lydia, Selma, Linda and Walter were all born in Hilliard.  Here is a picture from the time that Selma had.
This info came from the Church's website:
The St. James Lutheran congregation was formed in 1847 by nine German settler families and was originally named St. Jakobus Gemeinde ("St. Jacob's parish") . The cemetery now located adjacent to the church reflects the local German roots and heritage, and contains the gravestones of prominent local German family names such as Phillippi, Renner and Tinapple. An old urban legend amongst some of the church parishioners indicated that the landowner who provided the land for the church did so with the understanding that German would be required to be spoken and sung at the services. Maurer said he is not sure if this story is fact or just folklore, but he and others in the church enjoy carrying on the story.   Originally all services were in German but English was adopted in the early 1900s and eventually replaced German as the standard language of worship at St. James Lutheran.
I believe that I had been told that EAB started the trend toward English in this Church.

Here are current pictures of the Church from their Facebook page.
Here is a link to the Church's website.

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