Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One step further back...

Every so often, I take a look at Ancestry.com to see if any new information is available for Clamor and his wife's family.  Tonight, I discovered someone in Germany has posted information on Marie Anna Hermscheips (second wife and mother of the US born Brueggemann children).  We knew her parents were Franz Heinrich Hermschaips  and Anna Marie Elizabeth Kohring.  I think some of the new information includes his birth date 26 Aug 1793 and death date of 15 Apr 1872.  According to the family tree I found, he was born and died in Wimmer, Niedersachen.    No dates were listed for his wife.  This tree listed his wife's name as Marie Elizabeth Kohring.

The other new info, are the parents of Franz.  This tree lists his parents as Johann Friedrich Hermschaips and Maria Clara Schroder.  They had two other children: Anton and Maria.

I hope this info is correct and I will have to work on it some more but I think it looks pretty good.

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