Saturday, May 14, 2011

Emma Maybury Haines

Every family seems to have someone who is the one that tries to keep the lines of communication open.  It is particularly hard once a sibling emigrates to another country.  In Mark's family it was his Great Aunt Ethel King Grimes.  We have many pictures of her family and as it turns out, her grandson had many pictures of Mark's family.

In the Maybury family, it looks like Lizzie's younger sister, Emma Maybury Haines was the one.  We have several pictures and post cards that she sent Lizzie.  It is apparent from these, Emma missed her sister.  At some point, Thomas Bowen Riley was in England (during WWII), and he met with the Haines family.  I haven't had much luck in locating any Haines descendants.  Haines is a pretty common name in the Birmingham area.

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