Sunday, May 29, 2011

Daniel Roberts, Thomas Roberts Riley's Maternal Uncle

Daniel Roberts was the younger brother of Tom's Mother.  He was the witness at Tom's father's (Ezra) wedding.  He relocated to North Woolrich when Ezra took a job there.  He is listed on many censuses as a Wire Welder. When Ezra settled in Birmingham, Daniel moved back to Manchester, first showing back there on the 1881 Census.  He died at age 58 in 1898.
He and his wife, Mary Ann had the following children:
Mary Ann (b 1866)
William E. (b 1872)
Thomas (b 1874)
James and Robert (b 1877)
Robert (b 1877)
Ada Elizabeth (b 1879)
Alfred (b 1882) 
I found a picture of his daughter Ada and her family in 1924 at one of her daughter's wedding.  Ada married James Stratton so this is the Stratton Family.  Ada would have been Tom's first cousin.

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