Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Excerpt of Letter from EAB to Emma during their Courtship

When EAB was in West Virginia, he was writing to his sweetheart, Emma.  Some of it is hard to read, where there are underlines, those are words I cannot read. Here is an excerpt from a letter dated October 24, 1887.
Dear Emma-----
Yesterday again I had another full house, when preaching.  I held service at Mitchell's school house.  I even had to sacrifice my coat for the audience.  Outside at the windows, some were sharpening their ears to hear the Gospel sermon.  The more I preach here, the more are coming.  Would only their hearts be _____ but like faith sail. Among the audience, there were some ladies who painted themselves, but here they have not reach the climax of perfection in this art.   The powder is too _______.    I ought not to be thinking about while preaching but it falls in every ones's eyes at once........Last Saturday, I wrote to your papa & sister Lizzie.  Of late I was not afflicted with serious headache.  The headache with which I was troubled must be ascribed to my long hair on my head.  They are tremendously heavy at present and around here is no barber who can cut them.  I do not want a farmer to practice hair cutting on my head.....

I will post more from these letters soon.

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