Saturday, May 21, 2011

A New Resource for Cleveland

I found a new resource, or at least new to me, yesterday:. Cuyahoga County Ohio Birth Returns. Although there are some instances where a child's given name is provided, it typically will not appear on these birth returns.. Information on the returns includes full names, ages, address, and nativity of the parents, as well as the newborn's place of birth and attending physician or midwife. These records are available from 1872 through 1908.

I started looking for Louise and Minnie Brueggeman's children.  I could only find a Birth Return for their oldest two children, Meta and Rudolf.  I looked for variants in spelling but I still couldn't find the remaining children.  Someone had gone back in 1924 and wrote Meta's name on the top of the record.

Meta's birth was attended by a Doctor but Rudolf's was attended by a midwife, a neighbor from just a couple doors away, 862 Lorain Street.
I will keep searching this database to see if I can find any more of Clamor's grand children, Brueggemans, Barlags, or Bennhoffs.  Don't forget you can click on the document to make it larger.

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  1. Thanks so much for pointing out this source - I hadn't found it!! My grandfather was born in Cleveland in 1908 but I haven't found him here - I did find his older brother born in 1902 though :-)