Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I asked my expert on the Brueggemanns, David Reinhardt, if he had any Barlag contacts.  He doesn't so we are going to have to ue the records available to us to try to discover more.
I goofed yesterday!  She was the eldest child of Clamor and his second wife, not the first wife.  She would have been the full sister of my great grandfather, Ernst August.
Her first son, Ludwig Wilhelm Barlag, died at the age of four.  Her second child, Theodore Friedrich Barlag seems to be her only child that left Cleveland. He was married in 1905 in La Porte Indiana to Helen.  In the 1910 Census, he was living in Cleveland and was an Armature Winder in an Electric Works.   At some point they moved to La Porte as he registered for the draft in World War I there.  He reported that he was an electrician for a company that I couldn't read.

In the 1920 census, he was still living in La Porte and was an electrician for an oil pull factory.  Any ideas what an oil pull factory was?  There must be a terrible mis-spelling in 1920 as I cannot find them in La Porte.  I know they were still there as his sons' graduated from High School there.
Theodore died in La Porte on 1962.  
I did find someone on that has a tree that appears to be related to one of Theodore's son, Roy Otis Barlag.

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