Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Charles Long Jr

Charles H Long Junior was the youngest son of Charles and Louise Long.  The picture is of Charlie and his mother and who I think is his daughter, Dorothy (born 1901).

Charlie  worked for his father as a Grocer in Springfield.  He was married in Springfield in 1899 to Alice.  She was not from a German family.  She was born in England and came to the US as a toddler.

They first show up in Des Moines Iowa on the 1910 Census.  Charlie was a Traveling Salesman (some time listed as a Commercial Traveler) for a Spice Company.  In the 1920 Census, they were living in Des Moines.  Something must have happened to Alice, because Charlie married Pearl in 1924.  He was 45 and she was 19!!!!

They had a daughter approximately a year later, Frances L. Long (as per the 1930 Census).

I don't know what happened to Alice.  Their daughter, Dorothy, was not living with her father in the 1930 Census but that is to be expected as she was 28.  She was not living with him in the 1925 Iowa Census either.

Charlie died 4 Oct 1954 in Des Moines.  This little bit of research has raised more questions.

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