Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Anniversary of Emma Maybury and James Swadkin

Today marks the Wedding Anniversary of Emma Harris to James Swadkin.  She was the maternal aunt of Lizzie Maybury Riley.  They were married in 1867 in Birmingham.  

They had five children:  Clara, Eliza, Thomas, James and Harriett.  Emma was left a widow at an early age as James died in 1890 at age 47.  In the 1881 census, they lived next door to St Matthiaus Church at 129 Farm Street in Birmingham.  His profession was listed as Packer.

His family continued to live at that address through the last census I have access to (1901).  At that time, she still had three children at home who must have been supporting her.  All were employed in jewelry and watch making.

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