Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not feeling too inspired tonight

I've been working with Max on Civil War records from the ancestors of my Mother and of my husband today.  Since the Rileys and Brueggemanns don't have any veterans of the Civil War, I don't have anything to report to you.  It kind of took all of our attention today.

Instead of researching another topic for the blog, I thought I'd just post a picture for you.

Here is a family picture with some of Ernst August's family with his wife Emma. I labeled this a long time ago and now I see problems.  I certainly have some questions about some of the people in the picture.  Selma was the only blond in the family so I am not sure who the blond in the front is.  The boy on Selma's right must not be Edwin as he was older than she, so I am not sure who this is.  The baby next to Gus, looks too young to be Karl compared to the ages of the others.  Any ideas readers.  Here is an unlabeled one.

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