Thursday, March 31, 2011

WWI Daft Registration Sidney Riley

Here is another Draft Registration Card to share:
It answers a question I have had.  Since Sid was born in England of Naturalized American parents, what was his status.  It is clear from the form that he was considered an American Citizen due to his father's naturalization as the box labled:  Citizen by Father's Naturalization
before Registrant's Majority is checked.

Another piece of info that it gives us is their residence but unfortunately I cannot read it: 640 Schi????.  Sid was employed at Goodyear Tire & Rubber but again I cannot read the occupation:  Something wool.

Sid is listed as medium height and slender build with brown hair and again, I cannot read the eye color.

It states he had already enlisted in Merchant Marines on August 29, 1918.  He filled out this draft registration just a couple of weeks later.

Tom Riley has the original of this Merchant Marine ID card:
This card lists his hair as light brown with grey eyes. I know nothing about his service in the Merchant Marines.

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