Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Selma's Diary from March 23, 1918

Selma's diary is so interesting as she typed it, probably because she went to a business school during this time.  She also transcribed some letters she sent or received.

March 23, 1918 Saturday

I went up to the school and wrote out an application for a position as  stenographer in the office of the County Commissioners which Papa wished me to do.

Summit County Commissioners
Akron, Ohio

           I hereby apply for a position in your office, as a stenographer.  I am almost nineteen years old, and a student of the Hammel Business College, taking the stenographic courses, from which I expect to graduate soon.  Besides my Grammar school education, I have had four years of high school work.
           My course of training has been very thorough and has duplicated as closely as possible actual business conditions.
           If you have a vacancy in your office at the present time, may I ask for a trial?  If not, will you kindly file my application.
           As to my ability and habits, I refer you to the Hammel Business College.  Hoping to receive a favorable reply, I am
Yours respectfully,
Selma Brueggeman

She did get a job from this letter and started on April 1, 1918.
This picture is of the location of Hammel Business College from 1898

The Doyle Block occupied the triangle of land between South Howard Street, South Main Street, and East Mill Street. It included several lumber yards and businesses, including Hammel's Business College and the Bolanz Brothers Florists pictured here. The block was named for the lumberyard, W. B. Doyle & Co., which was named for William B. Doyle. Mr. Doyle came to Akron, Ohio in 1842, and, after working at several trades, got into the lumber business. His company is estimated to have handled between 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 feet of lumber per year. (Art Work of Akron, Ohio. pt. 7 pg. 4)

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