Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Louise Nagel: Emma Long Brueggeman's Mother

II was poking around on today to fill in some pieces on Louise Nagel.  I knew she was shown to arrive in the US in 1857.  I found her today in the 1860 census in Sheboygan WI.  She was living with her parents and siblings.  Her father was listed as a farmer and she was listed as Farm Help (age 18).  She was married just three years later to Charles Henry Long (Lange).

He was living in Springfield IL and I wondered how they "found" each other.  I checked her birth place on a map and it turns out, her family was from a town (Detmold) only 11 miles from the town that he was from (Oerlinghausen).  I wonder if their families were connected somehow in Germany.

On the 1860 census,  there are three Nagel families on the same page. Her father, Frank, appears to have two brothers living in Sheboygan also, Adolph and Frederick.  In fact, there are many families around them on the census from Detmold, Lippe, Germany.  Frank seems to have been doing a little better than his brothers.  The  value of his real estate was $1200 and personal effects were valued at $400, his brother Adolph's real estate was $700 and Frederick's was valued at $600.

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