Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Special: Rev JFW Reinhardt (husband of Sophie Brueggemann)

David Reinhardt sent me this clipping from 1906.  I don't know if he took this call or not.  Two of his sons did have churches in New Orleans.  It is amazing to me that this was in the paper before his congregation released him:

The Pensacola Journal, February 17, 1906, page one
German Church of New Orleans Is Anxious to Get Popular Pensacola Pastor
 Rev. J. F. W. Reinhardt, the popular pastor of the German Lutheran church of this city, is being eagerly sought after by the congregation of the St. John’s Lutheran church of New Orleans, and recently he has received two calls to assume the pastorate of that church.  So far, however, he has not come to a decision and Pensacolians are in hopes that he will remain here.

Speaking of the second call upon the popular pastor, the New Orleans Times Democrat of recent date, says: “It isn’t often the experience of a minister to be so persistently called to a pulpit as has been the recent experience of Rev. J. F. W. Reinhardt of Pensacola, Fla.  When Rev. Carl J. Cramer left the pulpit of St. John’s Lutheran church vacant, January 1, his congregation, in the course of a week or so, extended it to Mr. Reinhardt of Pensacola.  Mr. Reinhardt, it is said, considered it favorably, but his congregation would not hear of it and so he declined.  Now, St. John’s congregation thinks Mr. Reinhardt is the best man to be had for its spiritual direction, and has, consequently, sent him another call giving stronger reasons why he should resign his charge there and accept the church here.

“The leaders of the church yesterday intimated that the effort to secure Mr. Reinhardt would be persistent.  It was said the second calls under such circumstances to a minister  were rare, but they had been extended as often as three times.  The second call will reach Mr. Reinhardt in a few days, and he will then have to place the subject before his congregation again.  It is understood that if his congregation will release him, he will come to New Orleans.”

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