Thursday, March 10, 2011

Follow Up on Louise Nagel and Charles H Lange's Marriage

I hadn't researched their marriage but yesterday's posting got me poking around on  It appears they were married in Charles' town rather than her home church.  I still wonder how they came to know each other.

Name:Charles H. Lange
Spouse Name:Louisa Kagel
Marriage Date:Nov 15, 1863
Marriage County:Sangamon
Comments:This record can be found at the County Court Records located at Springfield, IL.

Since they were married in Springfield, I checked the records of Trinity Lutheran Church.  The church has great records on-line, 1839-1920.   It is copy of typed document so I cannot easily put on the blog.  They were indeed married there by Pastor Bartling.  Lange's info is complete, but Louisa only lists 11/23/18__ for a birth date and the birth place is left blank.  I also noticed in this record the Lange's birthplace is listed as Bielefeld Prussia, which is different on any other records that we have.

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