Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Picture Friday: Another Brueggeman Branch

This is a great picture.  The little boy standing on the stool is Paul Benhoff (1)  and his mother (2), Maria Eleonore Liuekens Benhoff is standing behind him.   She was the widow of Heinrich Benhoff (son of Louise Brueggemann).  It is a sad story as Paul was born June 3, 1896 and his father died later the same month (June 27).    Maria and Paul lived with Heinrich's parents (Louise Brueggemann) until he was grown.

(3) Otto Rienhardt (son of Sophie Brueggemann and JW Reinhardt)
(4) Sophie Brueggemann (daughter of Clamor)
(5/6) JW Reinhardt holding Clara
(7) Stella Reinhardt
(8) Louise Brueggemann (daughter of Clamor)

I know I got this picture from the web but it must have come from David Reinhardt

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