Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sort of Off Topic..

As you know if you are reading this blog, I am working on the Riley and Brueggeman family.  I also work on  my mother's family --- Jewitt and Cork.  Max has been concentrating lately on his Dad's family, King from England.  He has made contact with several second cousins of Mark (Mark is my husband and Max's father), none knew he existed nor that they had any relatives in The States. Anyway, we received a package of pictures today from one of these newly found relatives. It was weird opening this package and seeing picture of Mark as a baby with his grandfather and seeing pictures of Mark's dad  as a toddler.  The cousin who sent these knew they were family pictures but had NO IDEA that we would be able to so personally identify them for him.  Mark's family history is one that we didn't know much about (he is an only child of an only child and his dad's mother died in the mid 40's).
Mark King and BB King around 1956
Ted King around 1928

It is amazing how small the world really is. You never know who has your family photos an ocean way from you.

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