Thursday, September 15, 2011

Selma's Diary: More on her vacation to Zanesville in 1918

When I got up and dresses and ate breakfast, it did not take long before I went to Emma's.  Emma asked Victor how he liked Florence and he said that she was too much of a lady...

Emma wanted me to go down town and pay her light bill, which I did and bought several trivial things....At the table Walter suggested that Emma take me to a new show called "The Liberty".  He did the dishes and Emma went with me to the show and paid my way, which I did not like very well.  She also bought a quart of ice cream, she paid 40 cents for it, in Akron, a quart of cream costs 50 cents.  The show was real good and enjoyed the evening.  Walter was very nice when we arrived home again, and tonight I got to stay all night at Emma's house.

Emma went to the Dollar Sale and bought several house dresses , 50 cents a piece, and bought me some handkerchiefs.  In the afternoon, I went to Heinle's where I had been invited to supper, I bought a petticoat for a dollar, 2 pairs of white silk gloves for a dollar and gave Emma a pair.  Anna treated me very nice and they had a good supper.

When I mentioned the Ice Cream prices to Ray, he told me that Lawson Dairy was selling a double scoop for 10 cents and quart was 22 cents (when he was a kid).  He said that Lawson was hated by other dairies for his prices and was fired bombed at some point.

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