Friday, September 2, 2011

Family Picture Friday: Group Picture

Selma identified this picture from 1912.  She shows herself and Lydia labeled along with her three younger brothers.  I have no idea who the older boy and girl are as well as the little girl between Elmer and Karl.  I have other pictures with the children in the same clothes.  I imagine it was taken when family visited them in Zanesville.  
This picture looks to be from the same "photo op".  I cannot read the name on written in on the girl on the right.  Mark studied it for a long time and is sure it is Ro something, probably Roch.....
I cannot figure out who this might be.  It is likely that the girl is the eldest child of the family visiting, followed by the boy and then by the little girl with the pig tails.  I don't think they are from the Long family as none of Emma's siblings children fit into this pattern (as they either had all girls or all boys). 

Do my readers have any ideas?

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