Monday, September 26, 2011

Back to the 1910 Census Series

I know the blog has been a little Brueggeman heavy lately.  The direction of the blog is usually a factor of birthdates and anniversaries and what I've been working on. I cannot subtract well because earlier I miscalculated the Anniversary date of this couple and the picture that included Meta.  It could easily have been taken at either occassion, 1909 or 1914.  I guess the young boy in the picture would be the key to figuring out which is the correct date.  

I've been in contact with Chris Bennhoff Flynn in San Diego so I thought I'd cover her Great Grand Parents, Louise (Brueggemann) and Wilhelm Bennhoff today.

Thanks to David Reinhardt, we have a picture to share (dated 1865, a year after their marriage):
It looks like they were living at 3929 Lorain Ave. in Cleveland.  It looks like the street had a lot of duplexes and there is another family listed at the same address.  Living with them, was the widow of their son Heinrich Ludwig Bennhoff and their grandson, Paul.  If you remember, I wrote about this before.  Heinrich died just a couple of weeks after his son was born (1896). Paul is Chris' father.  She was 64 at the time of the census and he was 67.

His profession is listed as a Blacksmith for a wagon maker.  Neither Louise or the daughter-in-law was employed.  They owned their home without a mortage.  The family listed at the same address are listed as renters, presumably from the Bennhoffs.

She was listed as having five children with three living.  It's nice when the census matches to the records I have.  In addition to the son who died as an adult, they lost a daughter as an infant.

Most of the neighbors were of German ancestry and there were quite a number of Hungarian families as well.  Most were working class (laborer, bar keeper, barber, etc.)

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