Friday, September 30, 2011

Guest Post: Mark Riley's Birthday

We are lucky to have a post authored by Ray Riley in memory of his brother Mark's birthday:

Today, September 30th, would have been the 81st birthday of my beloved brother Mark.  He died eight  years ago after a seven year struggle with respiratory problems.
Mark, the fourth son of Sid and Selma Riley, lived his entire life in Akron.  He loved Akron and would send me pictures, books,  and tapes about Akron.  When I returned to Akron to visit Mark would drive me around for hours past homesteads, schools, haunts and historical sites. 
Mark married Minnalu Brewer while in the army.  After a tour of combat duty in Korea he worked at the  M.Oneil Company where he worked his way up to General Merchandising Manager.  Mark got a business degree at Akron University by going to night school and squeezing in classes during  his lunch hour.  Minnalu would meet him at the store entrance with the motor running and a bag lunch and drive him to class.  His boss was quiet impressed with the M &M team and mentored Mark.  Apparently Akron University was also impressed with Mark because after graduation he taught marketing at night. Mark finished his career at M&M's Galleria's store.  I started what became a chain of stores without any retail experience other than the advise and guidance of Mark.
Mark's legacy is  his love for his wife, children, friends and brothers.  Mark was the definition of a supportive and loving big brother.  He and Minnalu were there for me at very event and turn in my life.  He is missed.
          Ray Riley
Join me in wishing Nori, my wife of 54 years whose birthday is also today, a happy birthday.  Talk about being blessed, I am one lucky man. 
Ron. Mark & Ray

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