Thursday, September 8, 2011

1910 Census Anna Marie Brueggemann Huesmann

Anna Marie was the first child born in Ohio. of Clamor and his second wife.  She was born about 11 months after their arrival.  I can imagine their excitement of the birth of their first American child.

She was living in St Louis at the time of the 1910 Census.  She was 50 years old at the time (she died just five years later).  Her husband, August Huesmann was 56.  Other members of the household:
Louise E. Age 20, son  (Really this is Louis Johann Adolf)
Ernst F.  Age 20, son  (Full name Ernst Heinrich Friedrich)
Elsa Age 14, daughter (Full name Elsie Emilie Louise)
Katherine Huesmann, Age 54 -Sister of August

The rest of their four children had left home by 1910.

I have always wondered how August and Anna met.  This Census lists his birth place as Missouri and his sister's birth place as Ohio.  I wonder if his family went back and forth between Missouri and Ohio.  

August was listed as a "Transferer" for a Lithography Company.  The twins were clerks, one in Real Estate and the other is unreadable.  Their home was owned outright with no mortgage, at 3416 Ohio Ave.  The house is no longer standing as it is in the middle of  a large medical complex.  One thing I did notice is that the house may have been next door (or a very close neighbor) of Holy Cross Lutheran Church.  I imagine this was their home church.  The Church was built in 1858 and was next door to Concordia Seminary. 

They lived in a very German neighborhood, as all of surnames on the Census are Germanic.  Neighbors included a Seminary professor, a detective at Detective Agency, a Brewer, and a millright for a Car Company. 

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