Monday, September 12, 2011

Selma's Diary: Her vacation to Zanesville this week in 1918

Reading this, I can picture Selma on her journey to Zanesville and how excited she must have been to returning to Zanesville and to spend time with old friends and her beloved sister, Emma.

I left for Zanesville, I was overflowing with happiness at the prospect of going back to the little town, which I have not seen for nearly a year.  Linda walked to the station with me, and carried my "truck", which was very kind of her.  I do not know how she carried it so far.  My ticket to Canton was 59 cents, it seemed a long time before I arrived to Canton, and in Canton I had a wait of about two hours.  From Canton to Zanesville cost me $2.75, I arrived in Zanesville about 3 o'clock in the afternoon.  There were a few changes that I had noticed but not many.  I was a little disappointed when nobody was there at the station, when my train pulled in, for I was thinking that my cousin Victor would be there.  I boarded a street car, the fares were now a nickel straight, ask for transfer for the Greenwood car line.  The town seemed very quiet to me to my surprise for this was Saturday.  I formerly when I lived there I always thought the streets to be very crowded on Saturday.  When I was coming from the Greenwood car line, I saw running out of the house to meet me, she told me to stay at her house all night, and that I should bring my clothes to her house, which I did.

I could not wait until I arrived at Emma's house.....

...Victor preached the same sermon he had preached in Akron, but the Zanesville congregation gave him $15.00, he had also preached an early morning sermon in German.  Emma had a splendid dinner, and the whole family of Schmids were over, and they also stayed for supper, we played cards in the afternoon, but it was not a very interesting game...After supper we all went down the street for they had a big doings about the Third Liberty Loan, all there was down the street were lots of people and I can see that in Akron.

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