Monday, September 19, 2011

More on Selma's Vacation Trip to Zanesville

In the afternoon Emma went with me to buy my coat, we went to Webers but did not get to see Mr. Sam Weber so did not get much of a cut price on it.  The coat cost me $50.00 and it was not anything extra either.  I met Florence (Bischoff) and went to her house for supper.  After supper she took me to the show "The Great Love", it cost 25 cents a piece, and then I treated her at Bailey's Drug Store.  While I was waiting on the street car I saw Edith Howard, a girl who I used to play forward with on the basketball team, and we had a nice long talk together, the Mrs. Schmid comes and talks to me and pays my way on the car.

Downtown Zanesville 1935
Woodlawn Ave in Zanesville with Street Car Tracks
down the middle of the street
Decade the Teens

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