Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grace Riley in Coshocton

I always thought Grace Riley married and then moved to Coshocton.  I happened on this newspaper article today (April 12, 1913):

Grace was 18 at the time and didn't marry for three more years.  The paper also stated on May 18th, she was spending the weekend with her parents.  This time the paper listed her address as North Eighth Street.  These newspapers in small towns are a great source of information to help to piece together what family members were doing.  In January of 1913, Grace was a member of a sewing club made up of mostly single ladies.  The paper reported on one of their meetings (and meetings in subsequent months too).  She held a dinner party with Florence Powelson for young ladies at the Standen Hotel. She attended a dance at Dennison and then went home to visit her parents.

I still don't know why she moved to Coshocton but she seemed well established at the beginning of 1913.   There was another paper in Coshocton that had records from before 1913 and I looked through those (Coshocton Daily Age).
In December 1911, she was a guest at a dinner.  It looks like her friend Florence Powelson was in attendance.  Another article mentioned that the Powelsons' lived in Eighth Street.  In yet another paper, it stated that she was having a visitor for New Years 1911. She was at a Leap Year Dance in Feb, 1912 and it didn't mention that she was from out of town.  Was she living there then?   Was she attending college?
Before she married in 1916, she was back living at home in Dover as she was shown to be a frequent visitor to Dover.

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