Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Special: Notes on Rev. Harry George Bernard Reinhardt

Harry was the son of Sophie (Brueggemann) and  Rev JW Reinhardt.  Thanks to David Reinhardt's records for the following information:

(August 10, 1924) at Hope Lutheran Church,
(Hickory and Adams Street in the Carrollton area) New Orleans, Louisiana by Pastor E. W. Kuss. The congregation was dissolved several years after the death of Pastor Reinhardt but we have been successful in locating a portion of the church records. He also served Messiah Lutheran Church in New Orleans (Octavia and Camp Streets). The church location is now owned by a Tulane University professor. Pastor would conduct 8:00 o'clock service at Hope and then open Sunday School session at 9:00. About 9:15 he would leave on the run and drive the twenty minute trip to Messiah for services. Mrs. Reinhardt and the boys would stay and attend Sunday
School at Hope Lutheran.

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