Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Special: Another Lutheran Pastor

Rev. Eugene Brueggeman is the son of Rudolph  and grandson of Louis.  Ray remembers him when he was working with Kent State students.  Rev. Eugene currently lives in Colorado and is with Trinity Lutheran in Boulder. He is the Visitation Pastor

From their web site:

Pastor Gene's calling is to serve Trinity in its program of senior ministries, with special 
emphasis on visitation of those who are unable to worship regularly with the 
congregation. Pastor Gene began this ministry in January, 2006 on a part-time basis, 
having retired from full-time pastoral ministry in 1991. He graduated from Concordia 
Seminary, St. Louis, in 1950, and served as both parish pastor and campus pastor until 
retirement, when he served part-time at a congregation in Fort Collins. Pastor Gene 
has a Masters in Divinity degree in a combined program from Northwestern University 
and Garrett Seminary.

Lorraine and Pastor Gene were married in 1951 and have five children, three in 
California, one in Forest Park, Ill., and one in Trinity (Priscilla Murphy), and two Murphy 


Kent, Ohi0

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