Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DNA and our Ancestors Part II

Last week, I gave a small over view on Mitochondrial DNA and who it tracks. The information learned would be the same for any of Emma Long Brueggeman's family so if you are related to her, this information would be the same for you.  Also, if you are related to Louise Nagel (either her sons or daughter s), this info would apply to you as well (Ray Riley to Selma Brueggeman to Emma Long to Louise Nagel),

From 23 and Me:

Maternal Haplogroup:K2
K2 is a subgroup of K, which is described below.
Locations of haplogroup K circa 500 years ago, before the era of intercontinental travel.
Map of Haplogroup
K split off the more ancient haplogroup U8 about 35,000 years ago. Since then, haplogroup K has been involved in migrations from the Near East into Europe, most notably the founding and expansion of Ashkenazi Jewish population

Haplogroup: K, a subgroup of R
Age: 35,000 years
Region: Near East, Europe, Central Asia, Northern Africa
Populations: Ashkenazi, Druze, Kurds
Highlight: One branch of haplogroup K ties about 1.7 million Ashkenazi Jews living today to a single maternal ancestor.

Here's an interesting connection:
Haplogroup T (known as Haplogroup K2 until May 2008) is defined by SNP M70 and is found at low frequencies in the Middle East, Europe and North Africa.
Thomas Jefferson is believed to have belonged to haplogroup T, based on tests carried out on individuals sharing his paternal line.
For more information on T and the Jefferson family link see:

23 and Me also provides what they call "Ancestry Painting".  In Ray's profile, it shows a small percentage of Asian ancestry which is related to the Maternal Haplogroup above and is an indication of the Ashkenazi ancestor in the distant past.
Ramon C Riley

I will talk more about this Ancestry Painting and his paternal DNA in the future.

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